How To Split Wood: The Best Wood Splitting Techniques

If you are looking for a sustainable way to heat your home, but don’t want to go for the trouble of installing a boiler or heating system, you can consider using a wood stove.

It can save you tons of money on heating bills, but you need to know how to obtain your fuel. One of the best ways to obtain your fuel is by splitting your own wood. This blog will detail the best wood splitting techniques.

How To Split Wood

how to split wood

Wood splitting in the backyard can help you relax and save money at the same time. You can easily split firewood with a few basic tools and a little know-how the next time you’re out in the backyard.

As the weather gets cooler, there is hardly a more enjoyable classic winter pastime than sitting by a crackling fire with your loved ones. To get yourself some wood for that fire you used to have in your mind all summer long, grab your brawny gloves and go fetch us the perfect log for your needs. You can do this by doing what it says below!

Axe or Maul: Best For Splitting Wood?

You don’t need a splitting axe to split wood. Sure, it does a decent job as wood splitter, but the technique is likely to leave you with leftover pieces that are more difficult to burn.

In short, you can get better results with a splitting maul or splitting wedge. These tools have wide heads, so they don’t get stuck easily, and they have handles that allow for a solid grip while increasing accuracy of contact between the tool and log. If you would rather avoid wedges because of their triangular shape, bow saws are good options as well, since they work just as well on both sides of a log.

Change into your protective gear (safety goggles, long pants, and sturdy boots) before swinging any tools around.

Learn difference between axe and maul.

Set Up Axe Chopping Block

wood chopping block

To increase your effectiveness and decrease the chances of damaging your maul, set up a short chopping block comprised of either a large, level tree trunk or a similarly short and wide chunk of wood near where you will be working. The chopping block helps absorb the force of each blow and helps provide a place for the blade to drive into when you miss your mark.

Splitting Firewood With a Tire: Split Log Hacks!

Nothing is more irritating than having to bend over repeatedly while cutting wood. However, there are ways you can reduce this hassle, like by placing one or several logs together inside the opening of a tire and setting it on top of your Splitting block. Placing logs in this way will not only keep them in place when you swing, but it will also reduce the number of times you’ll need to lift the logs back onto the block, thereby decreasing the stress on your back!

Best Way to Start of Wood Split?

The best place to cut a log is close to the center. Scan your log for cracks extending from the middle toward the surface, and begin cutting there. If no cracks are visible, make a small vertical incision in the wood’s center and work outward from there.

Proper Technique Of Log Splitting

There’s no getting around the fact that chopping wood is backbreaking work that requires more muscles than one can count. Yet, you can achieve a better swing by focusing on your form.

Placing the axe blade on the spot you plan to strike first, with your arms extended, step closer to the log. Bend your elbows and lift the axe over your head, keeping it horizontal while holding it up at eye level with both hands on top of each other if possible.

Concentrating on driving straight through the log with Zen-like precision as you are lowering your arms, let gravity and the weight of the tool do this for you. Don’t swing recklessly or go circularly, since this may lead it veering off course.

How To Split Hardwood?

If your log’s bark is too tough, and you can’t split it after a few blows from the maul, wedge it. Hit the wedge sharply with a sledgehammer to create splinters. Sudden force will do it; if not, drive one more wedge into another side’s crack to widen the split into two forks that you can open by prying apart. This method works for some woodchucks who have split personalities.

So what do you think?

The whole process of splitting wood can seem intimidating, if you’ve never used an axe before. Imagine using a maul and having to strike the same place over and over again! But isn’t it rewarding when one has finished taking care of one’s fireplace for the season? Here are 2 types of smart splitter suggestion that I personally love!

Best Smart Wood Splitter?

With the smart splitter’s, you simply lean against your piece of firewood and the Smart Splitter will do all the work by simply swiping down on it twice or three times, depending on how big it is.

Chainsaw: Can You Split Firewood With Chainsaw’s?

Chainsaw on a wood block

Hell Yeah, For most people, an 18-inch chainsaw is ideal for splitting firewood. If you’re starting with smaller logs and doing this task in a fireplace, then 16 inches (ca. 41 cm) of firewood once it is all said and done will be perfect.

However, if you decide to chop massive tree trunks, then having a chainsaw that can handle cutting through thicker pieces of wood may also be ideal since you’ll have more control over the saw while using it to cut through something of that thickness.

Best Chainsaw to Split Wood

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, 10-Inch (LCS1020)
Skil CS4562B-10 PWR CORE 20 Brushless 12” Chain Saw Kit

Manual Wood Splitter Wedge

 Kindling Cracker Firewood Splitter - Kindling Splitter Wood Splitter Wood Splitting Wedge Manual Log Splitter Wedge

This Steel Made DIY Firewood Kindling Splitter Wedge Tool for home applies the force of swinging the lever to the pressure plate to crack logs. It helps reduce the hard work of wood splitting. It is only about 5.7 pounds (2.59 kg) overall. Perfect size for a camping bonfire party, a courtyard or a wall-hung stove. CRACCKER Manual Firewood Splitter is easy to use. The product is completely safe to use by anyone. Don’t have to worry about bad weather or freezing. Firewood Cutter is really great. It helps save time, energy, to split firewood by hand or bar without the use of extra tools. THIS IS AN AWESOME, UNIQUE GIFT FOR EVERYONE! IT CAN SAVE TIME AND ENERGY FOR ANYONE WHO HAS TO SPLIT FIREWOOD BY HAND OR BAR.

Auto Wood Splitter: Electric Log Splitter

WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter

Are you dreading the long, sweaty hours of work it will take to prepare your wood supply for the winter? Crank up the power with this WEN 56207 6.5-ton electric log splitter! With over 13,000 pounds of log cracking force, this mighty machine is capable of splitting logs up to 10 inches in diameter and 20.5 inches in length. The powerful 15A motor generates enough power to quickly get the job done, while the included 34-inch stand helps to conserve energy. Once the job is complete, the machine’s pull handle and 5.5-inch never-flat wheels allow you to easily transport it between jobs.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for visiting our site and reading our article on how to split wood. I hope you gained some useful information from it! This article was a lot of fun for me to put together and I enjoyed working on it. I hope that you have a great day and i look forward to seeing you again soon.

Thomas Benefield
Thomas Benefield

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