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About findaxe.com

The idea for Findaxe developed after a conversation between Thomas Benefield and a few friends. Their quest was to find the best axe for splitting wood. Thomas realized there had to be a lot of people trying to figure out what “the best thing for X” is. We believe Findaxe will be helpful if you are trying to figure out which product is best for you. Without doing any research, many people simply follow the recommendations of their friends. It makes sense. Most people don’t have the time to read hundreds of reviews and do their own research. When Thomas discussed with his friends which axe would be best to split wood, they ended up in an axe shop. There were a number of types of axes examined. Some were good, while others were great. Some items were junk, and some were extremely expensive. Edward left the store with nothing more than a great idea for a website after spending a few hours there.


Findaxe.com’s purpose is to provide honest information about different axe and related accessories products by providing a “Top 10” list.

As people choose the best product for their needs, we want this website to be the last stop for them. On Findaxe, you can find unbiased reviews on new and used Double Bit Axes, Tomahawks, wood splitting mauls, EDT Multi tools and many other outdoor products. Check it out and leave a comment.

Our Team

When Findaxe started in 2018, it was a one-man show. The gadgets were all being tested and reviewed by Thomas himself. We’re excited to introduce our newest team members, who have joined us over the past few months.

Thomas Benefield

Thomas Benefield

Thomas Benefield enjoys the outdoors and loves sharing his knowledge of forestry gadgets. His whole life has been spent in the woods, so he knows more about axes, saws, chainsaws, and other tools than anyone should! Thomas is always eager to share his love of the outdoors with others who wish to learn more about these important tools.

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